Scary, Horror, Special Costume Masks

Scary, Horror, Special Costume Masks

Our Scary Masks are Original designs from our artists. The style are inventive ideas for being frightening masks. Studded Vikings, Film Noir, and Monsters from you dreams are here. Design you costume theme using one of our masks and scare everyone at Halloween. The mask pictured above is Battle, he is one freaky guy. 

  •  Success Creations Vermin Rat Creature Horror Mask

    Vermin Rat Creature Horror Mask

     Vermin Rat Creature Horror Mask is a hideous, beastly, deformed mutation with real radioactive spiders (just kidding) feasting on the face which will make your blood curdle.  Measures 6 1/2 " wide x 7" high Embellished for an eerie...
  • Battle Warrior Masquerade Mask Battle Warrior Masquerade Mask

    Viking Warrior Battle Mask

    This Viking Warrior mask is battle ready to conquer new lands.  Battle is a dominant warrior. He knows where he stands. Sure to give everyone the chills as he looks very ominous and foreboding. It has an array of studs and is hand painted with an...
  • Success Creations Zorac Futuristic Zombie Mask Black Silver

    Zorac Mask

    Striking black and silver Zorac is a versatile Masquerade mask. Very stylish for a wide range of events. Let your imagination run wild. Futuristic looking. Can be painted and decorated. Secures with an elastic band and measures 6 14" wide x 4 1/4" high