Novus Nova Stellar Couples Masquerade Mask Set

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7.50 (in)
3.50 (in)
3.00 (in)
  • Novus Nova Couples Mask Set Hero Heroine Blue
  • Novus Nova Couples Mask Set Heros Superhero Blue
  • Novus Nova Couples Mask Set Superhuman Red
  • Novus Nova Superhero Couples Mask Set Red Black
  • Novus Nova Couples Mask Set Superpowers Grenn
  • Novus Nova Couples Mask Set Superhero Green
$29.97 - $34.97


This couples set has a futuristic, spacey, hero, heroine feel to it. Cool metallic shades make their brilliance pop. Specially matched couple by our designers to take the guesswork out. Nova fantasy mask has brilliant colors like the inner reaches of our galaxy or beyond. Perfect for intergalactic travel or to make you feel superhuman. Seriously, this is a nice comfortable mask that looks and fits well on men and women. The colors are cool metallic shades, making them pop out. Designed and decorated in our studio, this mask secures with a ribbon. This is truly a Stellar mask. May the force be with you.

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