Mystic Sprite Elfin Mask

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  • Success Creations Mystic Sprite Elfin Mask Green
  • Success Creations Elfin Mask
  • Success Creations Sprite Mask
  • Success Creations Green Mask
  • Success Creations Mystic Sprite Elfin Mask


Mystic Sprite Elfin Mask is a unique handmade Woodland creature design. The textured horns have flat leaves that surround them. Design your costume for the Faerie Festival around this mask.

  • Very sturdy mask
  • Secures with a ribbon for easy adjustment
  • The green is close to a fern green shade with a hint of gold
  • We make the horns 2 inches tall and paint them gold to stand out
  • Imagine yourself in a magical forest with this mask
  • An enchanted fantasy world of Fairies and Elves
  • Become a metaphysical supernatural!
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