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                                  Planning a Masquerade Event?

                           Plan with Confidence, Celebrate with Style                                                                        We can make your fundraiser or private special event memorable.    

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Providing masks for large special events at casinos, museums, corporate parties

down to private events like weddings, proms, quinceaneras, debutantes, fraternities, sororities...

When making an inquiry, some answers will let us answer you promptly.

  • Number of guests expected.
  • Any special color themes.
  • Approximate budget, we can accommodate all price ranges.
  • If guests will order on their own, we can supply you with special coupon codes.
  • Do you want stick masks for Ladies?
  • Date of event. We have quick turnaround, depending on your requirements and time of year.                      

Our Customer Service Experts, will advise you on special pricing and custom ideas to make your event stand out.

Call us directly at 848-238-7511 M-F 8:am to 4:00pm EST or email