Masquerade Masks for Women

Masquerade Masks for Women

Fabulous Masquerade Masks for Women are all our Original Designs. The selection is vast with something for every costume idea. Choose a handmade creation that ranges from simple to crazy wild to sophisticated elegance. If you love sparkle you will see we love to add Rhinestones Brooches to make a mask a step above. The Mask pictured at the top is Secrets.

  • Angelina Eye Catching Teal Women's Masquerade Mask Angelina Eye Catching Women's Masquerade Mask Red

    Angelina Eye Catching Women's Masquerade Mask

    Angelina is a WOW MASK for all ages. It has hand-painted swirls with jewels. Gorgeous metallic ribbons are accented with a fancy embellishment. Available in many colors, this mask is another original design of ours. We hand craft it right here in New...
  • Success Creations Fiery Plasma Torch Superhero Aztec Gold Sun Mask

    Fiery Plasma Torch Aztec Gold Sun Mask

    Fiery Plasma Torch Aztec Gold Sun Mask will help you imagine you can create and control fire with your mind. Be the Superhero you always wanted to be or an Aztec God. Either way you can't go wrong. Specially made for us in Italy. Quality mask with soft...
  • Success Creations Persuasion Black Mask for  Women Success Creations Persuasion Silver Mask for  Women

    Persuasion Chic Masquerade Mask for Women

    Flattering, pretty mask with a fan of special exotic feathers with small beads on the stems. It is accented with an antique color braid. This style comes in a variety of colors to match your costume or dress. Very nice when purchased on a stick...
  • Poison Ivy Green Masquerade Mask Poison Ivy masquerade mask side view

    Poison Ivy Women's Masquerade Mask with Leaves

    Alluring and mysterious Poison Ivy mask draws you in. It is hand-painted with jewels The accents are jeweled hand-painted golden lame leaves. The back is fabric lined so it is comfortable to wear all night long. Premium satin ribbon ties. Can be worn...