Masquerade Masks for Men

Masquerade Masks for Men

Our unique Masquerade Masks for Men are our original designs. Choose for style a black tie event or find a look to go with your costume. Each is handmade in our studio in Toms River NJ to make your Masquerade Masked ball a perfect success. We use fine quality Italian mask bases to build our creations. The mask at the top of the page is Black Lightning it comes in many colors and is a classic.

  • Classic Italian masculine style. Comes in 4 colors and a white glossy finish. All attach with an elastic band. This mask has a nice cotton cloth material which makes it easy to decorate with paint or hot glue.

    Casanova Masculine Masquerade Mask for Men

    The Casanova is a Classic Italian Masquerade Venetian shape which come in several colors to match what you are wearing. These masks are comfortable to wear, are fabric lined and secure with an elastic band. They are very classy and elegant and perfect...
  • Success Creations Crescent City Masks Gold Success Creations Crescent City Mask Silver

    Crescent City Masquerade Masks

    Crescent City Mask make you feel the fun and excitement of New Orleans at Mardi Gras time. These masquerade masks are quality made for us in Italy. Comes in Mardi Gras colors of Green, Purple, Gold and also Silver. Ready to decorate. They have a soft...
  • Daredevil red masquerade mask for men, Daredevil mask for men red

    Daredevil Men's Masquerade Mask

    Daredevil is for the man without fear. Stylish, sleek, sexy, elegant, formal all describe this mask which comes in red, black or gold. Wear to Masquerade Balls, Halloween Parties, New Years, Black tie events, and Proms. Crossed with stud-like...
  • Double Cross mask by Success Creations with cemetery crosses being worn by a person with a hoodie. Double Cross mask by Success Creations with cemetery crosses hand crafted in USA

    Double Cross Cemetery Creepy Men's Mask

    Double Cross is a different kind of mask. He is shadowy, creepy, scary, and frightening. This mask looks great with a hoodie which conceals you even more and let's others guess who you might be. The face has an array of cemetery crosses, some are covered...
  • By Success Creations Classic Draven Men's Venetian Mardi Gras Party Masquerade Mask. Was worn by Christian Grey in movie Fifty Shades of Grey. Bt Success Creations Draven Men's Venetian Mardi Gras Party Masquerade Mask in gold.

    Draven Men's Venetian Party Masquerade Mask

    Draven is a classic masquerade mask in the Venetian and Mardi Gras tradition. It was even worn by Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey which was described as being beautiful, brilliant and intimidating. This mask can be worn to any kind of masquerade...
  • Success Creations Emperor mask with gold decorations Success Creations Greek style mask trimmed in gold

    Emperor Greek Roman Toga Mens Masquerade Mask

    Be an Emperor! Great mask for all kinds of masquerade parties where you want everyone to know who is the leader! Well made with an gilded Roma intricate design made of thick resin material. Secures with ribbon ties and is one size fits all. Well made...
  • Success Creations Fiery Plasma Torch Superhero Aztec Gold Sun Mask

    Fiery Plasma Torch Aztec Gold Sun Mask

    Fiery Plasma Torch Aztec Gold Sun Mask will help you imagine you can create and control fire with your mind. Be the Superhero you always wanted to be or an Aztec God. Either way you can't go wrong. Specially made for us in Italy. Quality mask with soft...
  • On Sale
    Men's Glitter mask in Gold Success Creations Men's Glitter Mask in Purple

    Italian Men's Glitter Mask in Gold and Purple

    Now: $14.97
    Was: $16.97
    Glitter men's mask comes in Gold and Purple. Perfect costume accessory or just wear with a tux or other formal wear. Specially made for Success Creations in Italy, this mask has a soft cotton backing, elastic band, lightweight and comfortable to wear.
  • Success Creations Klassic Italiano Maschera Black Silver Mask Success Creations Klassic Italiano Maschera

    Klassic Italiano Maschera

    This popular classic Italian Mask shape masquerade mask for men is made especially for Success Creations in Italy. All masks have elastic bands, are cotton backed. light and comfortable to wear all night long. You can match anything you are wearing. They...