Giada Divana Peacock Lace Mask

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  • Success Creations Peacock Rhinestone Lace Mask
  • Success Creations Peacock Lace Mask in Jade bluish lavender color
  • Success Creations Handmade Lace Mask
  • Success Creations Masquerade Mask


Giada Divana Peacock Lace Masquerade Mask is a hand-painted in blue tones with jewels and peacock eyes.

  • It represents attracting love or money
  • Embellished with the peacock eyes representing beauty and feelings of love and attraction
  • This mask is packed with positive energy and tremendous symbolism. It will convey how you feel towards others.
  • We start with hand painting an intricate lace mask with a shade of jade around the eyes, then bleed to a slighty bluish shade which then bleeds into a shade of lavender
  • We then apply a lot of small aurora borealis rhinestones
  • The colors match with the peacock eyes
  • Fits comfortably on your face and secures with a satin ribbon
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