Fantasy Folklore Masquerade Masks

Fantasy Folklore Masquerade Masks

Fantasy Folklore Masquerade Masks

Here is our new collection of Faeries, Celtic God and Goddess Masks evoking forms of spirits which are metaphysical or supernatural. 

These handmade masks are perfect for Faerie Festivals, Renaissance Fair and Celtic events.

Live the life of your favorite and make a great costume around them. Faerie folk and faerie tale nerds will love these. 

We enjoyed designing these masks and hope you enjoy our collection of Enchanted Creatures, Magical Woodland Fairies and other Mythical Beings from our imaginations.

There are many kinds faerie or magical beings with otherworldly, humanoid appearance, small stature, magical powers, and a penchant for trickery. Many are depicted as humans who have antlers or horns.

NEW our Fantasy Leather Masks.


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