Colette Laser Stick Mask - Draven Black Mask Set

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  • Success Creations Black Masquerade Masks for Couples
  • Success Creations men women couples masks
  • Success Creations black metal mask on stick
  • Success Creations Black Masquerade Masks for Men
  • Success Creations black mask on stick
  • Success Creations Black Stick Mask


Colette Black Metal Laser Women's Masquerade Mask stuick mask with Draven Black Masquerade Mask for Men mask set for a couple.

  • Taking the guesswork out of choosing 
  • Perfectly matched masquerade mask for men and women
  • Colette, the woman's stick mask measures 8"(20cm) wide x 15"(28cm) high
  • Draven, the masquerade mask for men measures 7.5"(19cm) wide x 3.5"(9cm) high
  • Colette's sexy one-eye hole design look is on an upgraded stick
  • A smart look with an evening gown for a Masked Ball
  • Classic masquerade mask in the Venetian and Mardi Gras tradition
  • It was even worn by Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey which was described as being beautiful, brilliant and intimidating.
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