Casanova Masculine Masquerade Mask for Men

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6.50 (in)
5.00 (in)
2.50 (in)
  • Classic Italian masculine style. Comes in 4 colors and a white glossy finish. All attach with an elastic band.
  • Nice gold lame finish adds class to this mask.
  • This mask has a nice cotton cloth material which makes it easy to decorate with paint or hot glue.
  • Black is always a popular color.
$16.97 - $21.97


The Casanova is a Classic Italian Masquerade Venetian shape which

  • Comes in several colors to match what you are wearing
  • These masks are comfortable to wear
  • Fabric lined and secure with an elastic band. V
  • Very classy and elegant and perfect for any masked ball or event
  • This style is especially made for Success Creations USA
  • They are easy to decorate for DIY. Accepts all kinds of glues including hot glue
  • Accepts all kinds of paints but not water based
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